ExpressionEngine Addons

Here is documentation of all of our ExpressionEngine addons. If you have any queries regarding our addons, Please contact us through website, Email or respective EE addon devotee forum.

Super Cookies

This plugin allows user to create PHP and Javascript Cookies at front-end and use it with easy tags to get those values.

Super Dynamic Fields

Instead of adding key/values in field settings, You can now include any EE template where you can add JSON variable for options.

Super Address Field

You can have Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Postal Code, Latitude, Longitude (and a button to fetch lat/long from given address).

Super Restricted Entries

Super restricted entries is created to allow admin to restrict members or member groups to access entries.

Super Export

This module is created to export each and everything from an entry. You can export entries in csv, xml, json.