General Settings

Last updated: February 11th 2020

General settings is the place where you can define basic nature of plugin. You can add your license key there and set either you want to overwrite URLs from structure/pages or not. Either you want site url to be added into plugin or you want trialing slash in the URL.

General Settings

License Key

Keep your self genuine by adding your license key there.

Overwrite URL from Structure / Pages?

Mark this true if you want to overright URLs from Structure / Pages. If this is disabled, old url patterns will be followed. if enabled, We will switch URLs with their strucutre/pages URL if found any. (This will happen only when you select an entry.)

Add Site URL

If you with to have a site url added into the link you can enable this option. If will add site url in all the URLs comes in menu.

// With site url
// Without site url

Add Trailing Slash

If enabled, We will add a trailing slash (/) in the URL. If you not perfer trailing slash, you can just disable this field.

// With trailing slash
// Without trailing slash