Last updated: July 13th 2021


  • Solved a deprecated error with php 8.0 where catch_all function was throwing error for required parameter.


  • Added Bloqs field support
  • Solved few bugs.
  • Upgraded in EE 6.


  • Added Relationships type. You can now set layout of field to look like relationships too just like you set it to checkboxes or radio.
  • Added custom field fetch support in {exp:super_dynamic_fields:parse} tag.
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added custom field support in JSON. Your JSON is now not just limited with pre-defined variables (label, value, default) but you can pass anything else too that will become your custom field and just like you fetch value or label of given field in channel:entries tag, You can fetch those custom fields of given field too.
	{"label": "--" , "value" : "" , "default" : "yes", "link" : ""},
	{"label": "Large" , "value" : "lg", "link" : "<a href='/abc'>Click Here</a>"},
	{"label": "Medium" , "value" : "md", "link" : "<a href='/xyz'>Click Here</a>"}
// In this example, link is a custom field.


  • Solved a bug where special characters in Lable (Option name) were showing HTML entities.


  • Added {exp:super_dynamic_fields:parse} tag to get all options of given field.


  • Solved a bug where in EE5 dropdown field not rendering with react code.
  • Solved a bug where field settings was not properly click on under GRID field.
  • Added condition in save field so it not save empty value.