Last updated: April 7th 2021


  • Add Bloqs Support.
  • Add Assets Support.


  • Upgraded plugin to EE 6.
  • Added config variable to set default cache behaviour of links.
  • Solved a bug where making field required triggers EE validation on entry form load.
  • Change label of user's groups.
  • Change users table popup to show screen name and email.


  • Solved error with URL link type when saving not works with this link option and gives console error. (Bug 16962)


  • Solved a bug where url was not adding relative path when default url is not added.


  • Solved a bug where Email and Phone links are not automatically prefixed to mailto: and tel: (Bug 16944)
  • Solved a bug where field used in a Grid, hidden inputs get the same ID attribute causing console warnings: (Bug 16946)


  • Solved issue where user can't undo added link from backend. (Bug 16945)
  • Added a new empty option in field list dropdown.


  • Added Phone number field validation.
  • Added no_results to URL Pattern.
  • Solve bug where trailing slash in url sometimes produce 2 trailing slashes.
  • Added site url setting so user can now select option to add site url in link.
  • Solve few Database errors occuring when trying to save entry.


  • Initial Launch. Works in EE4/5.