Template Tags

Last updated: February 11th 2020

EE default tags not allows us to use the EE fields on EE field. That means you can't do something like this: {my_link_field title="{title}"}

For that, You have to sue the template tag {exp:super_link_field:render}. Only required parameter for this tag is field that should be raw of super link field.

It work same as the tag pair of field tags but you can use EE variables in as a parameters:

    {exp:super_link_field:render field="{link_field:raw}" prefix="item" override:title="{title}"}
    	<p>Link is: {item}</p>

// Where {link_field:raw} is raw encryption data of field. 
// Default prefix is "item"

Useful Tip

You can use all the tagpair parameters and variables that Field Tags provides.