Last updated: April 5th 2021


  • Upgraded plugin to EE6.
  • Optimized queries to work with new EE structure.
  • Added option so user can select wether they want to check access for primary role or all roles assigned to a user.


  • Solved query load time issue.
  • Added function to migrate data from Entry Access plugin.
  • Solved issue where plugin's automatic filter queries were not working due to profiler.


  • Solved a bug with EE 3 where fields were not showing good in backend.
  • Added new config variable $config['super_restricted_entries_allowed_empty'] = "no"; (Default is "yes")
    Set this setting to "no" will restrict all those entries which has no member or member group is added for restriction.


  • Solved a bug with Publisher where entry added in restriction shows default lang data.
  • Solved a bug with Publisher where apply_super_restricted_entries="yes" was not working. Bug #16898


  • Solved a bug where using this addon with publisher was not playing well. Bug #16892