Global Configuration

Last updated: December 28th 2019

To get all the entries member is allowed to view, You can just pass a parameter in exp:channel:entries tag. (apply_super_restricted_entries=“yes”). Without adding this parameter, We will not search weather user is allowed to access entries comes with the channel loop or not. If you want to check all the entries in site for member access, You can either pass this parameter to each channel:entries tag or you can just set a config variable in system > users > config > config.php file. Variable is:

$config['apply_super_restricted_entries'] = 'yes';

Same way if you want to enable all the relationships tags to show only member access entries, You can set a config variable:

$config['apply_super_restricted_entries_relationships'] = 'yes';

Default, All the entries where you have not assigned any member or member group is open and not restricted. If you want default action to restrict all entries which has no member or member groups assigned you can use this config setting.

$config['super_restricted_entries_allowed_empty'] = "no";

In similar manner, If you have pass the config variable (that will remove all entries that user has no access to view from exp:channel:entries loop) and want to disable any exp:channel:entries loop to do that, You can do this by passing a same parameter in exp:channel:entries. (apply_super_restricted_entries="no")